We create, develop, and implement complex data-driven solutions that enable relevant multichannel communications

We Solve Variability Problems

Using Nimblefish's Vision Variable Video solution to help you personalize your experience in real-time, making it relevant for greater authenticity

We Build Automated Marketing Solutions

Using Oracle Eloqua marketing automation software for customer segmentation and campaign management

We Provide Professional Support

Using our in-house teams to provide the support and expertise to help you navigate the variable relevant marketing communication world

Vision Variable Video

Vision Variable Video

Is your company creating multiple video versions in order to have relevant content? Do you know for sure your users are getting the correct relevant video? If your answers are yes, you have a variable video problem!

At Nimblefish™, we have solutions for all of your variable video problems.

Our Vision Variable Video is a real-time media composition solution. You no longer need to create multiple costly variations of your video. Each Vision Variable Video is dynamically assembled from an array of individual media elements, such as full-motion video, animation, still photography, music, voice-over, and text... on the fly! Our system will create stunning real-time relevant videos every time there is a demand. Don't make multiple versions of one video to supply market demand when you can use Vision Variable video to do all the heavy lifting! Let us help you create relevant content so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Other Solutions

Don’t have data from users? Not sure what they want? Just ask!

With Nimblefish Advisor your marketing teams can open up relevant dialogues with customers as they consider goods and services. Nimblefish Advisor can enhance the videos created with the Nimblefish Vision Variable Video pipeline.

With Advisor you can simply ask a few key questions, and Advisor will work in conjunction with Vision Variable Video to build a deep relevancy and many levels of emotional engagement.

The data gathered by Nimblefish’s Advisor questionnaires can be used as a basis for relevancy not only in Advisor recommendations and calls-to-action, but also in a multichannel acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell, triggered, or retention marketing programs.

For every direct mail or email you send, our Nimblefish solution can generate a unique, personalized, highly trackable Personalized URL (PURL). Each PURL can provide content directly to your prospects, customers, or other audiences and, in return, give you an opportunity to both request more information and learn more through clickstream analysis.

A visit to a PURL can also be used to trigger marketing activities, such as a phone call from a sales rep or another direct mail or email touch. Each PURL is based on an easy-to-remember URL related to your organization. Each PURL will look and feel as if they are part of your website, but are in fact generated spontaneously by Nimblefish servers just as they are accessed; dynamically drawing content and data from our Nimblefish engine.

Email continues to deliver a strong return on investment and value for marketers. For email to continue that success, you must consider how and why mobile use, increases in message volume and frequency and data-driven relevancy impact performance.

At Nimblefish we produce graphically rich HTML emails with the same integrated personalization and deep relevance found in all of our platform media vehicles. Emails generated by our system have the added advantage of including a direct link to the recipient’s personal URL (PURL), on which can reside relevant variable video, proven to enrich the user experience and increase both response and conversion rates.

Marketing Automation

Nimblefish manages digital communications programs using Oracle® Eloqua marketing automation software for customer segmentation and campaign management.

Oracle Eloqua provides an efficient, effective and comprehensive communication platform with robust capabilities including data integration, segmentation, rule-based content, personalization, email, and web hosting.

Complex business rules can be used to manage variable content for email and the web. Data connections can be configured and automated to host and drive variable video and direct mail programs. A highly customizable reporting interface provides analytics for email, the web, and other forms of engagement in order to track the metrics of your success.

Nimblefish can help you with new or existing automated marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Professional Services

Professional Services

Beyond providing the technologies and hosting services that drive powerful and personal communications solutions, Nimblefish has dedicated client services and project management resources as well as for creative & technical support; we can handle the heavy lifting if you don't have internal resources available.

Our best-in-class client solutions, strategy, creative, and technology teams can help you design programmatic marketing programs, direct mail, email, the web, PURL personal website, and variable video components with a single-minded focus on relevancy in messaging.

Our professional services team will stay with your project for its entire duration, assuring that you will always have the necessary support.

Our Services

Our Client Solutions Consultants are involved at the outset, working closely with you to successfully implement your marketing campaign and provide the necessary advice and expertise to assure that every campaign is relevant and effective as they can be.

We are experts in the relevancy field and will always aim to provide you and your team the necessary guidance and support. Nimblefish™ solutions are built using components of the highly scalable Nimblefish software platform, but it is the people behind the platform who truly bring our clients’ communications programs to life.

Do you need an Advisor to help gather target data or simply a Nurture curriculum? Do you need our Vision Variable Video tool to help build variable videos served up as part of our advice experiences and on PURL personal websites? Do you need to integrate with social media and, if so, which platforms? Do you need to optimize for mobile and, if so, which devices? Do you need strategic creative services and production services or technical services alone? These are the sorts of questions our Client Solutions Consultants pose, and your answers serve as their guide in designing automated, relevant, optimally variable multichannel communications programs.

Our creative services team has an eclectic background in traditional and interactive advertising, design, direct marketing, and variable video production. We have extensive experience in developing and executing communications strategies and programmatic creative that resonates with target audiences across multiple media channels for a wide variety of companies and organizations.

We call this “content that connects,” and it has been honored with a variety of industry awards, including DMA ECHO Awards for our work on AT&T, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Invisalign, Pinnacle Entertainment, Select Comfort, and Sun Microsystems.

Nimblefish's product/project managers and engineers are involved every step of the way in every program implementation. Since good, clean data is the basis for relevance in all our direct mail, email, PURL, and variable video communications, our system engineers first configure automated data integrators that securely receive, validate, cleanse, merge, purge, de-dupe, and enhance data from client systems and external sources. Next, our engineers configure and fine-tune Nimblefish's communication solutions by setting up and configuring, variable videos, PURL templates, print and email automation processes, and messaging and/or offer testing rules.

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We Are Nimblefish

Nimblefish™ is a collective of professionals that are passionate about relevancy and communication solutions. Our goal at Nimblefish is to create relevant communication for our clients; we build relationships based on dialogue with our clients and their customers, whether prospects, members, partners, franchisees, employees, citizens, voters, or donors. We believe in the power of variable, relevant customized communication.

Every solution we create for our clients starts with what we learn from experience and data. At Nimblefish we are all about understanding what is possible and how to create relevant variable communication that produces results.

Nimblefish is part of DSG, a division of RR Donnelley. Founded in 1999 and acquired by RR Donnelley in 2010, Nimblefish has helped Fortune 100 companies and other leading brands and organizations encourage engagement, improve their customer experience, build brand loyalty, and increase conversion rates.

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