• Multichannel

    Nimblefish® develops and implements automated, data-driven communications solutions that help companies better interact with their internal and external constituencies, provide a superior customer experience, and respond thoughtfully to the interests and preferences of individual consumers. These solutions deliver powerful, relevant, personalized communications through multichannel programs that integrate direct mail, email, and PURL® personal websites, programs that can include online interactive experiences and relevant variable video.

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  • NF Vision
    Variable Video

    Nimblefish® utilizes a patented video approach that allows for personalized and segmented, data-driven video. Unlike traditional web video, Vision™ dynamically sequences content from an array of media elements, customer data, animation, still photography, music, voiceover, and text to create a unique video experience for every individual. This realtime video compositing engine allows organizations to respond and engage directly to the individual needs of prospects, customers, loyalty members, and more.

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  • NF Advisor Advice Experience

    Nimblefish® knows how to engage customers in a one-on-one dialogue that drives sales recommendations and calls to action. This allows a company to deliver high-quality experiences that a user can actually participate in. Imagine encapsulating your best sales associate into a digital engine that provides feedback and suggestion–this is Nimblefish Advisor™. Our interactive advice experience drives customer engagement to a new level. The net benefits of which include targeted outcomes, increased conversion rates, and higher revenues.

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  • Marketing Automation Solutions

    Ever wondered what it would be like to set your marketing program on autopilot and let seasoned experts take care of the legwork? By leveraging industry-standard marketing automation platforms, Nimblefish® provides turnkey solutions that can integrate video, print, web, and email in ways often thought impossible or too expensive to implement. Experience full-on integration solutions that make both economic and business sense. Find out more today!

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  • Strategic Services

    Delivering messaging that is relevant to the recipient based on who they are, what they’re interested in, or where they’re at in the purchase consideration cycle has never been more important. Nimblefish® consultants can provide the strategic approach that is needed to help our clients achieve their long-range business goals. These are the same concerns once shared by some of our clients, including Apple®, Nike®, AT&T®, Anthem®, HP®, Adobe®, Sun®, and more. Find out today how we have helped to solve their most daunting engagement problems!

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we solve problems with patented approaches

use variable video to personalize movies in realtime for greater customer engagement


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 two ways we solve problems and drive engagement

automated communications solutions

automated communications solutions

Turn-key systems designed using industry standard marketing platforms to engage and drive relevant campaigns to customers and prospects.

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professional services experts

professional services experts

Experienced client solutions consultants with expertise in driving business and enterprise solutions from on-boarding to retention.

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